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Annoying notifications about TrueImage updates! HOW TO DISABLE IT FOREVER?

Thread needs solution
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Every day, on every OS restart Acronis True Image is showing a baloon message about updates avalable.


Another very bad thing - before showing that notification it is trying to communicate internet, in case of slow/non-stable internet channel that makes whole system hang for some time (up to minute).

Please note - the "Automatically check for updates on startup" checkbox is turned OFF but that did not help to get rid of useless and intrusive notifications about updates.
Please also note - I'm not using cloud account, I'm using "offline version" of Acronus True Image 2016. I do not need a cloud account.

So, the question is - HOW TO DISABLE IT FOREVER?! 

(Or in case if you are so lust after about raping end-user's brains, please make it a bit less frequent! At least show it once a week, but not on every system restart!)

Also, please register this as bug and fix it!

Thank you.

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Dmitry, these are User Forums so we have no ability to fix any bugs in Acronis software such as ATI 2016.

In terms of stopping the notification messages, all I can suggest is to stop/disable all non-essential Acronis services and processes for functions that you are not using.

See KB 56697: Acronis True Image 2016: Services and Processes which gives details of the purpose of the different services and processes, where you could probably stop the majority of these provided that you leave the Acronis Scheduler2 service active.

When you see one of the notification messages, check whether there is an option given to say "Don't show this again." (or similar text).

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For some time I have been subjected to unwanted Acronis notifications, mostly to do with upgrades or new products, ie advertising. Having failed to determine how to prevent this through normal channels, I have been looking at the Acronis forum & come across many complaints about these unwanted advert notifications appearing in Windows 10.

 I have long been irritated by these promotions, which do not go away & stay away when the the "do not show this again" box is ticked. I have no objections to Acronis marketing their new & latest products, via email or other, but being subjected to this advertising onscreen, via a paid for product, is unnacceptable.

If all the products installed on my systems did this, there would be no resources left for using the computer at all. I also note that there had been little or no positive undertaking in the forums on Aconis's part to correct this.

Suggestions to disable non-essential Acronis services to address this rather miss the point. The whole policy needs to be addressed at a high level.

Thankfully, most companies seem to respect the user and don't subject them unwillingly to this sort of advertising whilst using genuine paid for products. I am sadly disappointed with Acronis. I have been a long time customer of Acronis (over 10 years) & will look to take my business elsewhere if this situation doesn't improve. Maybe it doesn't matter to Acronis to lose loyal customers over this. I would certainly love to hear your thoughts on the issue..

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Stephen, welcome to these public User Forums.

The first check point here is to open your Acronis Account web page and check what your notification settings are set to allow?  This mainly focuses on email but worth ensuring you have only what you want to see or else to disable all such notifications.

Beyond doing the above, please send a private message to Ekaterina Surkova | Forum Moderator who can set additional flags for your Acronis Account to prevent pop-up adverts, as she has done for other users coming via the forums.

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Hi Steve , thank you for taking the time to reply & have actioned your suggestion to set email preferences off. I thought I had already done so ( I hadn't) , but as you say, this will only reduce the number of emails, which weren't that frequent that they bothered me too much, plus they can be dealt with in your own time. It's the distracting pop-ups that irk and I am not the only person using my computer system(s).

I thank you also for your suggestion to contact Ekatarina reference the above and will probably do so, It does not however address the more general, questionable and invasive practice of bombarding users with pop-ups using a paid for program. It needs a new marketing direction to be implemented at a higher level. The current marketing strategy of bombarding reasonably satisfied customers (for the present) with offers & upgrades to encourage business, is having the reverse effect, certainly in my case, and |I would suggest more than a few others.


Good luck with all that & thank you for your time

Best wishes 

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Dear Stephen,

I've asked my colleagues to check your account and they confirmed it has been already excluded from the marketing campaigns. Are you signed in when using Acronis True Image? The exclusion list works for the signed in accounts only.