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Annoying notifications about TrueImage updates! HOW TO DISABLE IT FOREVER?

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Every day, on every OS restart Acronis True Image is showing a baloon message about updates avalable.


Another very bad thing - before showing that notification it is trying to communicate internet, in case of slow/non-stable internet channel that makes whole system hang for some time (up to minute).

Please note - the "Automatically check for updates on startup" checkbox is turned OFF but that did not help to get rid of useless and intrusive notifications about updates.
Please also note - I'm not using cloud account, I'm using "offline version" of Acronus True Image 2016. I do not need a cloud account.

So, the question is - HOW TO DISABLE IT FOREVER?! 

(Or in case if you are so lust after about raping end-user's brains, please make it a bit less frequent! At least show it once a week, but not on every system restart!)

Also, please register this as bug and fix it!

Thank you.

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Dmitry, these are User Forums so we have no ability to fix any bugs in Acronis software such as ATI 2016.

In terms of stopping the notification messages, all I can suggest is to stop/disable all non-essential Acronis services and processes for functions that you are not using.

See KB 56697: Acronis True Image 2016: Services and Processes which gives details of the purpose of the different services and processes, where you could probably stop the majority of these provided that you leave the Acronis Scheduler2 service active.

When you see one of the notification messages, check whether there is an option given to say "Don't show this again." (or similar text).