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ATI 2016 Backing up 3 Hard Drives each with several partitions

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Windows 10, I have 3 hard drives each with 2-3 partitions; each partition has a drive letter.

When backing up with ATI 2016, should I back up each drive individually or each partition on each drive individually?

I ask because I'm not sure, if I ever need to restore each drive, how the backup will do it?

With a drive failure, I don't expect to have to restore a particular partition, but rather the drive itself with each partition in place.

Any advice?


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My personal preference and practise is to backup up drives separately as Disks & Partitions backups, so that all partitions (including any hidden / system ones) are included, and any recovery can be done at a Disk level of the whole drive.

If you have drives used only for data, then you could make backups of individual partitions assuming that the data on the different partitions are not related and do not need to be kept in sync.

Posts: 2
Comments: 18