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ATI 2016 (Build 6595) startet nur noch 1 Backup

Thread needs solution
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Auf meinem Rechner (Win10 Home, aktueller Build) läuft immer nur 1 Sicherung durch.
Die nächste Sicherung startet nicht.
Sie steht dann dauerhaft in der Warteschlange.

Nur durch Beenden des Tasks TrueImageService über den TaskManager startet die nächste Sicherung.

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On my computer (Win10 Home, current build) runs only 1 backup. 
The next backup does not start. 
It is then permanently in the queue. 
Only by completing the task TrueImageService via the TaskManager starts the next backup.

Arnd,  welcome to these public User Forums.

Please download / use the MVP Log Viewer tool to check what messages are written to the log for your backup task in case there are any errors being reported in the log.

Did you install ATI 2016 from an Administrator level user account - this is needed to give the correct required authority / privileges to the application to run correctly.

Has this ever worked or is this a new install of ATI 2016 leading to this problem?

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 Man kann mit dem Acronis Scheduler Manager mit "task zap" alle "Planungen" von den existierenden Backuptasks entfernen (nur die Planung wird entfernt). Danach den Backuptask editieren und die Planung wieder anschalten.