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ATI shows black screen after selecting True Image

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A few days ago, I have started on configuring an out-of-the-box Lenovo T15 laptop so that I can create an image afterwards. 

Booting up ATI from an external CD-Drive , I do get the splash screen where I can select:

1. Acronis True Image
2. Acronis System Report
3. Continue Booting

The weird thing that happens is that ATI boots up into a black screen and remains in that state.

I have done the following steps:

1. Disabled Secure Boot 
2. Disabled TPM 
3. Adjusted the boot order to boot from external CD
4. Looked into turning off UEFI mode (Sadly, the new Lenovo laptops don't have that option anymore)

Imaging a Lenovo X13 laptop goes completely fine and boots up ATI without any problems. 

Is this a known issue with newer (Lenovo) laptops or is it the first time that this issue has been encountered?

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Sebastiaan, welcome to these public User Forums.

If you are using Acronis Rescue Media on CD created by ATI 2016 (as per this forum) then this is most likely to be Linux based and has limitations for the support needed for new computers including those with NVMe type SSD drives, RAID, encryption etc.

You should not change the UEFI boot settings to create a backup image as this may not produce a working recovery.

New rescue media should be created after installing ATI on the new laptop using Windows PE either with a later version of ATI such as 2018 thru' 2021, or else installing the Windows ADK & PE files with ATI 2016.

See KB 56610: Acronis True Image 2016: Creating Bootable Media - for details of the options for creating WinPE media.

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Hello Steve,

Thanks for the warm welcome and for your reply aswell! 

From what I have gathered, ATI 2016 runs from the CD and I have been able to succesfully image a new laptop last week. 
I do believe that there is something that prevents me from imaging the laptop I am currently working on. I will refer to the resource you have provided me and report back if I have made any progress.