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Back up failed

Thread needs solution
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I'm not handy on the computer, that is why I bought this Acronis program.

I want to get back up made, this is the message I get.


The backup failed.

Ensure that destination E:\ is accessible

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Sherry, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry but a lot more information is needed to begin to understand what the real issues are for this topic?

What version of Acronis True Image (ATI) do you have / are using?

What are you backing up?  Are you making a backup of your whole computer, selected disk drives in the computer, or just backing up selected files & folders?

Where are you backing up to?  Are you backing up to another internal disk drive, an external disk drive or to a drive on a network?

The error message "Ensure that destination E:\ is accessible" suggests that this is the drive where you are trying to backup to, so again, what is this drive and how is it connected to your PC?  Has the drive letter for this disk drive changed due to having such as a USB memory stick plugged in?  If the drive letter has changed, then in the main ATI application, click on the Destination panel for you backup task and reselect the destination drive again so that the new drive letter gets selected.