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Backing up a dual boot system (one disk) three partitions

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I have a Dual Boot system contained on 1 SSD.  I have found the tutorial on how to clone the SSD which is fine. 

I'm now looking for some guidance (if needed) on backing up the SSD drive in case of failure in the future.

Do I need to do anything special or should I just let True Image handle the job for me.

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Welcome to these public User Forums.

What version of ATI are you using here?  Is it ATI 2016 as per this forum?

What are your dual-boot operating systems? Windows ?  Linux ? Other ?

What file systems are used for the partitions on the SSD ?

How does your dual-boot system boot from the BIOS?  Is this Legacy / MBR or UEFI / GPT ?

How are you intending to perform the backup of the SSD?
From within Windows or after booting from Acronis Rescue Media?