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Backup fail after 18 MB: "backup failed. Close the application that could Use the file"

Thread needs solution
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The text of the message may not be exact, it is translated from Italian.

After upgrading to windows 10 from win 7, my version of True Image 2016 can no longer back up disk C: after arriving at 18 MB it stops and reports: 'backup failed. Close the application that could Use the file <filename_of_the_new_backup_not_created>'

Any suggestion?

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Stefano, welcome to these public User Forums.

Are you trying to continue a backup from when you were on Windows 7 now that you are on Windows 10?

If yes, then I would recommend starting a whole new backup with a new backup task.

If you still see an error with a new backup task, then more information will be needed from the log created for the task.

Please download the MVP Log Viewer tool (link in my signature below) and use this to review the log file for your backup operation. This should provide more information on why you are seeing any error messages?