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Backup fails with "Backup Location was not Found"

Thread needs solution
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I'm asking a forum moderator to petition Acronis development to fix this. Because I'm boiling mad. I'm an IT consultant. I've been using Acronis forever. I've been putting it on my customer's computers forever. Every so often I'll get on a clients computer and see that every backup I laboriously set up hasn’t been running for months.  It can’t find the backup location.

Lord I’m pissed. It’s hard to stay rational. I apologize to whoever reads this. I’m not pissed at you.  But this is my business. I CANNOT get on every client’s computer every week and make sure their backups haven’t gone off the rails.

I used to mount external drives in an empty NTFS folder in Disk Management.  Then with TI 2016 that stopped working.  So then I set up backup drives with drive letter Z.  That doesn’t matter, because in either case suddenly I’ll go into my customer’s systems and for the past six months Acronis can’t find a backup on drive Z when I’m staring straight at drive Z.

If this is fixed in 2019 I’ll put 2019 on all my clients’ computers.  My clients are mostly home and small business owners who are clueless about PCs. Does Acronis care that some day I might have to tell a client that unfortunately the precious pictures of their late spouse, or critical business documents were not backed up because Acronis couldn’t find drive Z when a blind man could find drive Z? I have business insurance.  But I swear, if they sue me I’ll start a class action suit against Acronis.

Again, this isn’t aimed at the moderator. I would appreciate anything you could do to get Acronis development to fix this.  I don’t want to talk with them. Besides the fact that I’m incredibly pissed off at them, I’m up to my ears in things to do. Tell them to do their job.  FIX IT!

Thank you,


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This can happen when a new build of Windows 10 is installed. I have not noticed it with ATI 2019 when updated to the latest Win 10 Build a month or so ago.

If you are administering the installations, you could set up global email notifications for each account. You may be able to do this remotely, but if so I cannot work out how to do so.

Open ATI, click on Settings then click on "Change email notification settings" and select the appropriate setting. You can have email sent both you yourself and the client. (This only works for ATI 2018 onwards.)


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Hello Alan,

I'm really sorry to hear of your situation and understand the importance of reliability and security when speaking about clients' data.  Starting from Acronis True Image 2019 Beta, the product does not use device instance IDs as with this identification there were a lot of issues with changed IDs that Acronis True Image could no longer track. We are now using Partition IDs, these are IDs that the product generates based on GUID of the partition on its first sector number. They can be changed by formatting the drive but seem to be more reliable. Thus, even if the two drives get the same disk letter, we will view them as separate drives and such issues with lost location shouldn't affect the backup job. I'd suggest at least installing a free trial of Acronis True Image 2019

Alternatively, you may want considering Acronis Backup 12.5 product family that is more suitable for the business needs and use-cases.

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Thanks.  I'll go to 2019.