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Hello I've set up my  Acronis 2016 for scheduled Differential Backups.

The older Diff files are taking up space and I am running low.

Can I set an option to delete files over a certain age?

If not am I able to delete files without advercly affecting the restore process?

Thanks in advance!


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Sorry, but there is no automated method of deleting individual differential backup image files, so you cannot set the automatic cleanup options to delete any over a specified age.

Automatic cleanup works only on completed version chains which would be the Full backup plus all associated Differential backup files (all sharing the same _b?_ value in the file name).

Your options here are either to use smaller numbers of differentials followed by a new full backup and starting over coupled with the automatic cleanup rules.

Alternatively, you would need to manually delete your unwanted older differential files but you should then perform a validation for the backup task that created those files, so as to reconcile the Acronis Database with the new status of files still present.  Validation will present an error message for each deleted file for which you should take the Ignore option.