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BlacX speeds arent making sense, unless I'm missing something.

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I have Acronis True Image 2016 and used it on my older PC with a BlacX ST0005U Esata backup dock, which they say has transfer speeds of 3 Gbps. Backing up my whole drive as a clone image used to take about 20 minutes. The old PC was a 64 bit Asus with Windows 7, and didn't have USB 3.

So that PC died ( actually, I did the free "upgrade" to Windows 10 and that killed it because it was too old to make compatible ) and I had to get a newer Asus - THIS time with Windows 8.1 ( I'm letting Windows 10 mature for maybe 5 more years! ),  that does have USB 3 and decided to get a BlacX ST0005U-C, which is a USB 3 unit and is said to backup at 5Gbps - even faster. The marvels of new technology, huh?

The problem is that, for about the same amount of data, it's taking several HOURS to back it up, using the same clone technique with Acronis 2016.

Does anyone have any idea if I might have Acronis set wrong, or something, or are the specifications of the USB 3 unit wildly optimistic?



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Melissa, backup speeds for docking devices are normally quoted as the maximum possible to be achieved under ideal circumstances with a particular mix of file types and sizes.

Unfortunately in the real world, life tends to poor cold water on such claims and you have to establish what is achievable for your specific combination of hardware, software, drivers and data.

I am not aware of any particular settings in ATI 2016 (or other versions) that would make any difference here other than the operational priority that any task run at which is described in the ATIH 2016 User Guide: Performance of backup operation