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Cannot create backup from "Rescue Media": PC reboots

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I cann't create a backup when booting from rescure media that I am creating with ATI 2016. Computer just reboots after 15-20 min into backup. It reboots within 5 min when running x64 environment. Target drive is 10GB WD Elements. I checked it with WD diag. utility and it passed with flying colors.

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Hard to say what is going on, but one possibility is that there is a problem with the drive being backed-up. If it is the system HDD then the problem could be on one of the hidden partitions. I had problems some years back and it turned out that there was corruption on either the UEFI partition or the recovery partition. If you create WinPE recovery media using MVP tool you can run CHKDSK on those partitions as the recovery media asigns drive letters to the hidden partitions.