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Change network drive "source" authentication.

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For security reasons I must change the "source" in the configuration of a backup from a Synology to a pc where True Image 2016 is installed.
The authentication of Synology network disk is currently:
"Admin" and the "Password".
I created another account with a new password on Synology. And I disabled the Admin account.
But the backup no longer works. A message from True Image tells me that the account has been deactivated.
The authentication window is no longer displayed, which would allow me to enter the new Login to the Synology Disk.
I cannot find how to recognize this new account (which is configured with administrator rights) without having to delete all the previous backups and start a new backup configuration.
I hope I was clear enough, but it's not easy to explain in English, which is not my native language.
Thanks in advance.

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Jacky, welcome to these public User Forums.

As you have already disabled the original Synology account used by the backup, the easiest method of getting around this new issue is as follows:

For the original backup task, take the Delete option, then just Remove the task settings only (leaving the backup image files in place).

Next, click on the option to 'Add existing backup' and select the most recent backup image file from where these are stored - this will add back a new task with a 'Reconfigure' button shown instead of the 'Back up now' button.

Reconfigure the new backup task to select the new Source using the new Synology credentials.

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Hello Steve, and thank you for answering me.

I will test your solution and get back to you, to give you the result.

Best regards.


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Hello Steve,
As agreed, I come to give you the result.
The solution you recommended to me did not apply with the 2016 version. Lots of error messages. I finally had to reinstall everything.
I had a 2nd PC with the 2016 version, and while searching again, I found a solution that I had not found during my first research, on the Forum.
This solution is:

Thank you for everything.

Best regards,