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Clone image not functional

Thread needs solution
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Hi there!

I took a 240Gb boot disk out of an old Windows Server 2008 computer and added it as a slave disk on my personal computer where my Acronis True Image build is located.  Then, I cloned the disk to a larger 480Gb disk.  The cloning process went fine.  When I put the 480Gb disk back into the server and press F2 at startup, it shows that is recognized in the boot settings.  However, although Windows does start, it crashes and indicates that there a driver issue of some kind.  

But given that it's a clone image, how can this be?  Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Michel, welcome to these public User Forums.

The most likely reason why cloning has not worked for you is that your personal computer uses a different BIOS boot mode to that of the old Windows Server 2008 computer.

Cloning follows the same partition scheme as used on the host computer performing the operation, so if your PC uses UEFI / GPT and the Server is Legacy / MBR - the cloned drive will also be converted from MBR to GPT!

If you want to preserve the same drive format as MBR then you need to either do the clone on that system via booting Acronis rescue media on it, or use the rescue media to boot your PC in Legacy boot mode (assuming this is supported in your BIOS).

The alternative is to use another tool such as CloneZilla to perform the clone.