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Continuous backup completely implodes if destination disk is offline for any reason

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I have a continuous job running to a hardrive that may occasionally be offiline (for maintenance purposes etc). The drive is not being yaned off line in the middle of an active job. The PC is off. Acronis yells at me that the job has been removed or stopped when the PC is back up. When the drive is back online Acronis will not reestablish a connection and resumed the backups. If I try to manually restart the job it fails. I am not the only one who has experienced this. There are others on this forum that have experienced it too however they just get impatient and wipe the backup and start over. I am not doing that any more. I would like to find out the real cause of why Acronis cannot gracefully resume from this condition. All services are running. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Daniel, welcome to these public User Forums.

I no longer have any computers still using ATI 2016 (per this forum) as most are now using ATI 2020.

I have just tested the scenario you describe above and for me, NSB does resume normally after reconnecting the external USB drive where NSB stores its data.

The process of how to do this may hold the key for you.

The images below are from ATI 2020, so may be different to what you will see.

In the main ATI GUI, select the NSB job in the list of backups, then click on Suspend.

Once the backup is suspended, you should see the Suspend button change to Back up now.

Now do a safe removal of the external USB drive within Windows, or shutdown to remove etc.

Later, when finished whatever actions are needed for the USB drive, either reconnect or restart the computer with it connected.

Open ATI and click on the Back up now button for the NSB task.  The backup should continue as normal.