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Delete partitions inside a backup image?

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Is there a way I can delete a partition that's already in a backup image? Specifically, I wanna delete the main OS partition. I actually just want to copy and paste the contents of this partition onto a folder in my external hard drive. I don't want to keep the main OS partition because when you recover from a backup such as this, it's recovering THE WHOLE HARD DRIVE's size that the partitions were contained in, so you're not just recovering the used space from the main OS partition, you're recovering the whole hard drive's size, which is really annoying and time consuming, not to mention that the recovery inevitably fails somehow anyway. And then what I would like to do is just create a backup image of the other partitions (i.e. Recovery, Reserved, UEFI Boot, ect.) which are notable much smaller in size and that folder with the OS stuff. Is that possible?

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If you have a disk image of a disk with multiple partitions you can restore individual partitions. It is also possible to restore individual files, or directories.

There is no way to edit an existing backup to remove partitions. What you could do is to restore the partition you want to keep to an empty HDD, then create a new backup of that partition. In that case you would need to be careful if you need to restore the partition - the location that you restore to.