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Disk error not corrected by chkdsk

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On backing up, I get this error message: Failed to read from sector '6,396,712' of hard disk '1'. Try to repeat operation. If the error persists, check disk using check disk utility and create a backup of the disk. Failed to read the snapshot (OX10C45A) CRC error (Ox100155). I have used chkdsk C:/F/R twice and chkdsk does not report any errors. But TI's error message remains. what do I do next?

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Are you seeing  this error while backing up from Windows and/or from the offline recovery media?  If this is also occuring from the offline recovery media, I would try a 3rd party hard drive scan as well - like WD Data Lifeguard (free):

Make sure to run it on the source and destination drives - just in case. 

Hard Disk sentinel free trial may be useful too and can tell you things like the estimated remaining life and other SMART reporting/errors too. 

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How many partitions are on your disk and have you used chkdsk on them all? The error may be in a hidden recovery partition and, if so, you will need to use other methods to run chkdsk.

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I have had the same issue...chkdsc doesn't find a problem. Did you get past this issue yet?

And why does the error message refer to a disc by number, not letter? How to I know to which specific disc it is referring?

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CheerfulMomma, welcome to these user forums.

One important point to be aware of here is that Acronis reports disk drives starting at number 1 whereas Windows Disk Management starts at number 0.

So, look at the disk number in your error message, then look at Windows Disk Management and identify the disk drive with the number - 1.

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Hi, did Acronis solve this? I have the same issue: Acronis can not complete the backupt due to supossed bad sector. But checkdisk sees the disks totally fine.

Any ideas?

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Hi, did Acronis solve this? I have the same issue: Acronis can not complete the backupt due to supossed bad sector. But checkdisk sees the disks totally fine.

Any ideas?

welcome to these public User Forums.

There is no software issue here for Acronis to solve / fix.  This is purely a hardware issue.

CHKDSK will only work on partitions or drives which have a drive letter allocated, but there can be other hidden/system partitions on your drive where these errors originate that do not have drive letters.  I would recommend using a whole drive diagnostic tool as below:

Dedicated diagnostic utilities from the disk manufacturers take the longest time to complete the checks, but provide the most accurate methods of checking whether the disk is good or needs replacement:

 - Western Digital drives: Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows

 - Seagate disks: SeaTools for Windows

 - HGST disks: HGST Windows Drive Fitness Test (WinDFT)

 - Intel SSDs: Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox

 - Samsung drives: Samsung Magician

 - ADATA drives: ADATA SSD ToolBox

 - Kingston SSDs: Kingston SSD Toolbox, Kingston SSD Manager

 - Transcend SSDs: Transcend SSD Scope

 - Silicon Power disks: SP ToolBox

 - Toshiba disks: Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool Utility


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your quick reply. I will follow your suggestion and try another HDD diagnosis tool.

However, I still don't understand why Acronis fails to complete the backup. It seems to be a completely working HDD unit, with valid and important data on it. As a user of the HDD I have never noticed any corrupted file.

And...even if there were some bad sectors (still to be confirmed), why can't Acronis back up all the good ones? Why stops the backup? It doesn’t seem reasonable to me to fail to complete a backup of all the good working information...  A good backup solution should back up as much valid information as possible.

In fact, Windows usually ignores the bad sectors of the hdds  if there are any, and Acronis should do the same.

I do think there is something to be fixed by Acronis on this issue.



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You have not told us what actual version of Acronis True Image you are using here?

In my ATI 2019 application, there are controls in the Advanced options settings for Error handling that can be used.

If you do take the option show to 'Ignore bad sectors' then your backup image may not be good enough to allow a full recovery should you need to do so, as it will really depend on exactly where that bad sector(s) is/are and what is stored in or using those sector(s)?