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Duplicate files with symbol ~ after backup restore

Thread needs solution
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Hi there,

I'm just using Acronis True Image 2016, and for the first time, I needed to restore my backed up files. As other people in the forum, I have files with the ~ sign, example:

Original: myfilename.jpg

Duplicate: myfilename.jpg~KLMAGIE

Both files have the same size and date.

The files with ~ sign were created after a file/folder restore from the .tib file in my external HDD to a new folder in my computer's HDD.

Those files remain even after closing Acronis True Image 2016 and after restarting the computer. Obviously, I got a lot of duplicate files with the ~ sign that have the same information as the original files.

How can I avoid to have those files during the next restore? (an spare me hours of searching and deleting those files)


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Alvin Jose, thank you for opening this new post in the 2016 Forum as requested.

The only time that I have seen reports of this type of behaviour with duplicate files with ~xxxx appended is when Acronis was still performing actions related to the restore operation, which when left to complete normally all these extra files were automatically removed.

How did you perform the files & folders restore?  Was this done from within Windows 8 or did you use the Acronis Rescue Media or ASRM (F11 prompt)?

My reason for asking is that if this was done inside Windows, then there should be a Service Log files for the restore operation that can be found either in C:\ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Logs or by using the Log File Viewer app (see download link in my signature below).

The log file, if available, may be able to give more information on what happened with the restore.

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If you mount the backup .tib file and have hidden files/folders enabled in Windows, can you see these files in the backup too? 

Files with ~ in the name are usually temporary/hidden files in Windows.  

If you turn on the view to show hidden files and folders in Windows file explorer, you may just see these there if an application failed to close out that file properly.  Normally, you'll just see them when the file is actively open though, but if they exist on the drive when the backup is taken, they will be there when the backup is restored too.  

Usually, either you're seeing them now because you have the show hidden files/folders turned on, or after the restore, the hidden attribute somehow got removed.  I have not seen the latter though, and supsect the files existed at the time the backup was created and hidden files/folders is now turned on. 


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You are assuming facts not in evidence. None of what you suggest is there in my case. 

I am currently dealing with this issue. I had to restore a failed drive. Did the Partition Restore and it works. Go to apply my daily incremental file backups since the full partition and get these bogus files.

Every incremental adds another file. The permissions are identical. I even turned off the 'Restore with prior permissions" setting and it still does this. 

Why would a product NOT do CLEAN UP after itself, especially if it fails? Duh! This is programming 101, restore the system to it's original state if your program fails. This is PROPER coding and development.

Leaving residual files and not providing a clean up tool is just nonsense. I am having a heck of time finding all the files even with TreeSize. 

Having this problem for 10+ years is just silly. Real developers care about the QUALITY of their product and fix these bugs. So sad. Acronis USED to be a good company.