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Error during backup

Thread needs solution
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I am running Acronis True Image 2016 and I create a backup every week on my computer running Windows 10 Home.  My computer is up to date and I have had no recent issues.  However, when I ran the backup this morning I got a message stating "The file is corrupted.   A possible reason may be poor media quality. Please press Retry to continue with Volume 1 or press Cancel to cancel the operation."
I tried pressing retry but the same message came up so I hit cancel. 

I did search the knowledge base as the details stated but it did not come up with anything.   

The event code is 0x0004000D+0x0004000D.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You

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Lisa, the error message does not give enough information to identify why your backup is failing here.

Please download the MVP Log Viewer tool (link in my signature below) and use this to review the log file for your backup operation. This should provide more information on why you are seeing any error messages?