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Failed to Activate Acronis Bootable Agent

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I noticed that my full disk backup had failed, so I deleted the ASZ and when trying to recreate it I get the message "Failed to activate Acronis Bootable Agent.  Disk with BIOS number 128 not found".  This happens after True Image has done all the prep, and asked me to restart the system.  This is using True Image 2016, and Windows 10.

I have tried to recreate the ASZ on two different disks, but get the same message every time, so I wonder if it's to do with the system disk, which is where I assume the agent runs from.

All my disks are working fine in explorer, and True Image is able to access them as both source and destination files for my other backups.

Anybody experienced this issue?


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George, welcome to these User Forums.

One potential issue that may be in play here is if you have Windows Fast Start enabled and you have not actually been doing a full shutdown when attempting to reactivate ASZ, so that your computer has been in a Hybrid Sleep state (aka hibernation).

To force a full Shutdown you need to press & hold the Shift key when clicking on Shutdown, or do the same with Restart.