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How to clone manually and decrease C and increase D?

Thread needs solution
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I can edit the C partion and reduce it by 5 GB.

Then I get at an 5 GB unallocated block.

I can edit the D partion but I cannot increase.

I cannot figure out how to increase the D partion by the 5 GB.

I hope soneone is able to help me. :-)

Thank you... 

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Paul, welcome to these public User Forums.

While you can use ATI with either Cloning or Backup & Restore to change partition sizes, it is a whole lot easier / simpler to use a dedicated partition tool for this purpose.  If you have Acronis Disk Director this could be used, otherwise download a copy of the free MiniTool Partition Wizard and use this.  The tool can move partitions if needed or else extend the partition into unallocated space at either end.