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Mouse incompatible during restore

Thread needs solution
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I am under Windows 10. My backups seem to be working well but I realized that I cannot restore because my mouse (usb wired) doesn't seem to be recognized by the software during boot, which is rather annoying ....
After much testing I found that some mice work and others don't.
Can I have a list of mice compatible with Acronis please ?

P. Biolley

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Patrick, welcome to these public User Forums.

There is no definitive list of compatible mice or other I/O devices for use with Acronis Rescue Media so this is going to be down to the type of rescue media being used.

The default media for ATI 2016 (per this forum where you have posted) is Linux based and normally has good support for wired input devices such as mice and keyboards provided there is no wireless component involved.

You can also create the alternative Windows PE version of rescue media which should then have better input device support.

Later versions of ATI from 2018 onwards now default to creating WinPE rescue media based on the files contained in the Windows Recovery Environment, which again has the best support for the installed devices on the system where the media is created.

See KB 56610: Acronis True Image 2016: Creating Bootable Media - for details of the options for creating WinPE media.