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Sometime ago I asked about getting my PC to boot up with the Acronis recovery disk.  I got a reply which completely snowed me.  I now have an HP and I can't get the recovery disk to boot up.  Can someone please help?  Winston

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Dwain, sorry but more information is needed to try to understand what issue you are seeing here?

What version / build of ATI do you have?  This is normally shown on the Account page in the ATI GUI on recent versions, or else in the Help > About information for older ones.

What type of PC is your HP, is it a desktop/tower PC or is it a laptop/netbook one?

What type of rescue media are you trying to boot from?  CD/DVD or USB stick?
Is the rescue media using the older Linux type OS for the media, or is it using Windows PE?

What version of Windows is installed on your HP computer?  Windows 10, 8.1, 7. Vista, XP ?

How does your HP computer boot into Windows from the BIOS?
Is it a Legacy / MBR boot system, or is it a UEFI / GPT boot system?
Note: in recent versions of Windows you can type the command msinfo32 then look at what is shown for the BIOS mode in the right side panel of the report that is shown.