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Possible to restore image from Raid 0 to single disks?

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I do have a server running RAID 0 with 2 disks (running on a Dynamic Smart Array B120i Controller). These RAID 0 has a size of 1,863 GB where only 350 GB is used. Would it be possible to go to AHCI mode and restore the image on a 960 GB Enterprise SSD? Or would it be better to replace both disks to two Enterprise SSD of 960GB?

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Johan, there are several potential issues here:

What is the server OS involved here?
Acronis True Image has very limited support for Windows Server versions.

How does your RAID array present in Windows, and if booted from Acronis Rescue Media?
ATI must be able to see the RAID array as if it is a single drive, especially when using rescue media.

Whether you would need to switch from RAID to AHCI will really depend on the type of rescue media you are using, and what you may be recovering the backup data to / what that target drive supports as the SATA controller mode to allow correct operation (& booting if an OS drive).

You haven't mentioned what version of ATI you have, but given this is the ATI 2016 Forum, which is now 4 versions back level, I would recommend considering updating to ATI 2020 and creating the WinPE version of the rescue media.