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Problem with BitLocker and the custom ATI WINPE boot environment built with the MVP tool

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December 2021, I became aware of the MVP tool and the option to include BitLocker-support into the boot environment. My main interest in this is to be able to back up from an external boot medium a primary windows volume with BitLocker encryption (password protected not via TPM).

  • I downloaded the MVP tool builder and its prerequisites in December 2021.
  • My version of ATI is 2016 build 6595 (which is among the versions supported by the MVP tool).
  • In the WINPE environment, I can successfully unlock the BitLocker encrypted volume using the “manage-bde” command and access files on that volume from the file-explorer.
  • I can even backup data from that volume using the ATI 2016 version that is baked into the boot medium.
  • However, when I choose to back up the entire volume ATI 2016 complains that it is “Unable to back up a locked volume encrypted with BitLocker. Unlock the volume or turn off BitLocker, and then try again.”

What am I missing?

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Obondix, welcome to these public User Forums.

It has been some time since I last used ATI 2016 but if I remember correctly, there were problems with some of the older versions of ATI such as 2016 and maybe 2017 not recognising the volume as being unlocked by BitLocker when using rescue media.

I can only recommend that you check that you have the final build version of ATI 2016 installed which was #6595 released in June 2017.  If you have that final build, then unfortunately there is not much more that can be done without upgrading to a later version of ATI.

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Thank you, Steve and Mustang, for your immediate replies. I will follow your suggestions and build, in a first attempt, a new boot medium based on version 190 of the MVP tool; this will probably not be before the weekend. Going to report back.

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Thanks again, Steve! Using version 19.0 of the MVP ATIPeBuilder tool I could indeed create a bootable medium with BitLocker support that works with ATI 2016 build 6595.