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"Recover disks" error

Thread needs solution
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Greetings everyone. This is probably an error of my own creation, but now I'm in a jam and need some guidance. I have a hard disk backed up below:

image 379

When I try to recover the disk I receive the following error:

image 380


I've tried the "Browse" prompt to select the "full" backup file manually and get this error:


image 381


Any help is appreciated!

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Gerald, welcome to these public User Forums.

The error message suggests that other differential or incremental files for your backup have been deleted outside of using the automatic cleanup options of Acronis True Image, i.e. by using Explorer.  The downside of using Explorer is that it does not update the internal database used by Acronis to track all files created for each backup task, hence the error messages!

The way around this is to either use the Acronis Rescue Media to boot your PC to do this type of recovery - recommended when restoring disks!

Alternatively, you can force a rebuild of the internal database - see KB 60915: Acronis True Image: repairing program settings - for details of how to do this.