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Restore "broken" backup?

Thread needs solution
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Hi there,

I have three partitions on my harddrive,

  • my windows system partition C:,
  • my private data partition D:
  • and fun stuff on partition E.

For data protection my D: partition is a veracrypt encrypted partition, that acronis does not "understand".

So when I do backups, I only backup C: and E: with acronis and copy D: by manual copy/paste into another harddrive without acronis.

I just backupped C: and E: and when I wanted to validate it, it failed, and I realised, that I created a smal container in my fun partition E with veracrypt aswell.

All I want to know is:

In case of a hardware problem // the need to restore my system: Will I be able to restore the backup C: and E: partitions, eventhough acronis wasn't able to validate it today, or will acronis fail in a rescue situation, due to non-recognizeable encrypted folders ?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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James, welcome to these public User Forums.

There are several potential issues or aspects to this topic.

Encrypted partitions can pose an issue for ATI unless the encryption is unlocked and Acronis sees the contents of the partition correctly.  It would need to use a sector-by-sector approach otherwise which would be of equal size to the full partition itself.

Encrypted folders, assuming that they show normally in Explorer shouldn't cause any issues other than failing to be compressed but should be added as Exclusions for Files & Folders tasks.

Validation failures should have no relevance to having an encrypted folder present if the actual backup operation was successful as validation does not care about the actual contents of the backup archive, only that the checksums calculated during the backup when writing the image file to disk remain the same when recalculated from the image file (showing that the file hasn't been changed or corrupted in any way!).

Can you confirm what actual version of ATI you are using here?  You have posted this topic in the ATI 2016 forum, but is that the version you are using?

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Hello Steve,

yes I am still using ATI 2016. Hmmm, I wonder why the validation failed then... I never had problems, so I was pretty sure, it must be the encrypted folder in E.

The backup seemed to finish without problems, but then it failed in validation. I could try mounting the container in E, so it is correctly readable and keeping it open, during the backup and see if it can be validated then.