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Restore from full backup gives "Cannot find version 1"

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I have a scheduled weekly backup of a single large file. Backup Scheme is set Custom > Full backup, so that I can retain multiple versions of the backup.

This mostly works fine, but when I want to restore from a backup I get a message "Cannot find version 1", and I have to click Ignore many times, once for each version since (when?) and the current backup.

Each backup is full, and I'm able to restore when I finally Ignore my way to the most recent file. So why does TI2016 prompt to locate previous backups?

And does anyone know if this is fixed in TI2018?


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JWells, this message is only given when backup files have been deleted outside of Acronis and not using the automatic cleanup options on the Backup Scheme page.

To resolve this problem you need to perform a Validation of your backup task - this will give you the same error messages for each missing / deleted backup file, where you should take the Ignore option again, but this will then reconcile the information held in the Acronis Database with the actual status of files still available.

To avoid this problem in the future, do not delete backup .TIB files using Explorer - instead configure the Automatic Cleanup options for your backup task to hold only the number of files that you want to keep.  Please understand that automatic cleanup only runs after the next successful full backup file has been created, so if you select to 'Store no more than X recent version chains', then you need to have sufficient free space on your backup drive to hold X+1 backup chains.  A backup version chain = a Full backup plus any associated incremental or differential files with the same _bX_ number in the file name, where X = 1, 2, 3 etc.