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Restore OS system backup image to a RAID-0 drive

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Hello, My currently disk setup is the following: 2 SSD drives, same model and size. On first disk I have Windows 10 installed with Windows ADK for 1803. The disk has only one partition (C:) and I have a backup image of OS system installed on that. The second SSD is free so I want to create a RAID-0 array, by selecting the proper SATA mode (from AHCI to RAID) within my motherboard BIOS and then restore the system backup image into the new array created. I am intended to use the WinPE-based media with Acronis plug-in and I have created an USB bootable pendrive with it. I will boot the system using the USB pendrive and then I will try to restore the backup image. Is this procedure correct or do you suggest anything? Thank you. Riccardo p.s.: as far as I know, the WinPE-based rescue media should have already RAID drivers needed to recognize the new RAID-0 array by Acronis Recovery program. Is that correct? Could you suggest me if and how I should operate this task?

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Riccardo, your proposed procedure should work correctly provided that your new RAID array shows to ATI as a single disk drive when doing the recovery from the WinPE rescue media.

I would recommend ensuring that you have created a full Disk & Partitions backup of your current working SSD, including all hidden / system partitions (not just the visible C: OS partition).

Secondly, I would recommend using the MVP Custom ATI WinPE tool to create the rescue media and take the option within the tool to include Custom drivers which will inject the Intel RST RAID drivers.  See the link for the tool in my signature, and forum topic: MVP Tool - CUSTOM ATI WINPE BUILDER in the ATI 2017 forum for more information on the tool.