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Restore from tib-Files

Thread needs solution
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Had to do a new setup of my Windows 10 computer. Unfortunately did not store the backup-schemes before.

Have all backup-files on my NAS (tib-files full and inc backups). How can I recreate the meta-informations, so that I can restore from these files?

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Bj, welcome to these public User Forums.

You do not need any metadata or even to configure a backup task in the ATI GUI in order to restore files from your backup .tib files.

The easiest method is to select the .tib file in Windows Explorer and then double-click on that file which will open it and allow you to navigate the contents, including normal Copy & Paste controls.

The alternative method is to use the 'Add existing backup' to add your existing .tib backup file to the ATI GUI, then use the normal Recovery options in the GUI.