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System back size is very small

Thread needs solution
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1)My system drive, C:, consumes 130GB, but the backup is 30GB.

2)My data drive (D:) consumes 300GB and the backup is 226GB.


is something wrong with my system backup (it passes validation) ?

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Martin, welcome to these public User Forums.

The size of the backup data is very likely to be correct as there are various default exclusions that can add up to a significant size savings along with the use of compression which can achieve an average of 20% size saving too.

You can use a tool such as TreeSize Free to check the sizes of the items being excluded on the backup task > Options > Exclusions page setting.

For your data drive, then again it depends on the mix of data held there, some data / documents can be much more highly compressed whereas other data such as music, videos, images are often already very compressed in their native formats.