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System restore and VSS not working after Acronis uninstall :-(

Thread needs solution
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Help. I uninstalled my old Acronis TrueImage 2016.
And now I can't create (or restore) any system restore point (just hangs).
Same for other services that use VVS (volume shadow copy).
Anyone now how to get out of this mess (I'm so fed up with Acronis right now).
Can't even go back to before the unistall as system restore point are gone :-(

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Just uninstalling ATI 2016 shouldn't have caused this type of problem so have you been doing any registry changes or using third-party cleanup tools here?

Do you have a backup image from before these changes that you could restore?

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Nope. Used the Acronis unistall tool. Happend on one of three PCs.
Had to do a "in-place-upgrade" to fix the VSS service again.

No more Acronis here. To many bugs, bad support and strange integrations.

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Dear Lars-Erik Østerud,
Thank you for the feedback. We have forwarded your concerns and one of our managers will contact you soon.