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TI2016 cannot restore files - doesn't see .tib file on backup media - Windows10

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I did a partion backup of my boot drive (SSD) and a file backup of all my partitions (five in all). I had a system issue which lost a lot of settings. I restored the boot partition. amd then discovered that Acronis in restoring had wiped out all the other partitons. The drive is there bt the partitions don't show in This PC. No problem right. Just recover all the files on the other partitions. No luck. The .tib file with the file backups is on the external hard drive but there is no green circle with a checkmark in it so I can't select it for recovery.  So I have my files somewhere but can't get them back. Ther must be a way.

Do I need to recreate the missing partitions on the system hard drive or will TI do that if I can get it to work. If I can't it will be quite a disaster. Any help appreciated.

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Oliver, some initial thoughts here:

Can you take your backup drive with the .tib file containing your SSD partitions backup to another computer with ATI installed?  If you can, then double-click on the .tib file in Explorer and check that you can all see your partitions and your data.

Next, how are you attempting to do this recovery?  Any recovery of a Windows OS drive should be done by booting from the Acronis Rescue Media (on USB stick or CD/DVD), and using the same BIOS mode as is used by Windows to boot.