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TIManageProxy Class Application Problem?

Thread needs solution
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my PC Win10 64bit, 1809 needs some minutes to shut down. Looking to the Windows protocoll I fould out:

"Der Server "{1EF75F33-893B-4E8F-9655-C3D602BA4897}" konnte innerhalb des angegebenen Zeitabschnitts mit DCOM nicht registriert werden."

translatet: The server ...couln't be registered with DCOM during the given timeframe.

Registry says its the " TIManageProxy Class Application", a True Image DLL

The problem exists already for a year or two. Any Idea, what I can do?

regards Andreas

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I believe this is could be a bug in 2016 that occurs for some people when it would not properly detect the "fast boot" / "fast start" flag on the system and address it properly.

Please also take a look at these third party forum threads about what fast startup is and how to disable it on Windows 10 so you become more familiar with the feature and how to disable it if you want to try it out:


Personally, if you are using a Solid State Drive (SSD), I would follow the instructions to completely remove hibernation from the system, which will disable fast boot / fast start as well - I do this on all of my own personal Windows 10 systems (laptops, 2-in-1 tablet and desktop pc).  If you have an SSD (or better - like a PCIE NVME drive), the time to boot is not going to significantly change with this feature disabled.  But, by having it off, you will be less likely to run into issues where the disk cannot be backed up or restored due to it being "locked" by the fast boot hibernation file.  

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Andreas, all the recent hits that I found for this DCOM issue look to be related to ATI 2017 or earlier versions of Acronis True Image for which there is no support for any new builds or fixes from Acronis.

You would need to update to ATI 2019 and raise this as a Support Ticket with Acronis if the issue still is present.