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True Imag 2019 Bootable PE Media disc

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Do you need to make a new recovery media disc everytime you back up?  Can you make it before you do your

first backup or after your first back up?


I am new to this software.

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Tom, you can make the Acronis Rescue Media (on CD/DVD or USB stick) at any time from the installed ATI 2019 application - this is not needed if you are making backups from within Windows but would be needed to be able to recover your computer in the event of a disk failure etc.

The rescue media only really needs to be created the once, but it can be a good idea to update it after any major updates to the ATI application, so as to benefit from any fixes for known issues in the updates.

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Ditto to Steve.  Do make sure you test it though... that you can boot it and that it sees the source drive and the drive that contains your backup files.  You want to be prepared for this BEFORE a situation that requires it, just in case. 

In most cases, I'd recommend not using the default Linux rescue media (the .iso from your account downloads).  Instead, for best compatibility, please use the rescue media builder in the application and build with the "simple" method.  This should automatically create a WinRE version that will have the best compatibility for your system with the correct Windows drivers.