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True Image 2016, Windows 10 Pro & Bitlocker

Thread needs solution
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I purchased 2016 True Image and it served me well on Windows 7.

I finally upgraded to Windows 10, True Image no longer works. It complains about Bitlocker, which is turned off; according to the Bitlocker app. First I tried to clone from one SSD to another; no joy, Bitlocker is turned on. Next I tried to do a disk back to an external HDD; no joy, Bitlocker is turned on.

Is there a fix for this or do I need to upgrade?

Does 2020 True Image function completely back-up, restore, clone, etc.?

Thanks, Fred

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Hi Fred, I recall a similar problem being discussed recently. Using the iPad at the moment so difficult for me to track it down.

One thing I am uncertain of: are you creating the backup using the Windows app or the recovery media?

Does the PC have only one internal drive?


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Fred, try running the command manage-bde c: -off from an Administrator command prompt on your computer as it is possible that BitLocker is in a 'pending activation' status rather than actually being off fully!