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Unable to transfer ATI 2020 license to new machine

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I've recently installed a quad NVMe card and the Softraid software appears to be messing up True Image 2020 since I moved to Windows 11.  I've got fed up trying to get it working and want to transfer the license to a different machine so I can at least back that up. 

I go through the transfer process via the accounts page, select the right copy of Acronis press the transfer all licenses button, type in the registered email and password then I get a "that's a 500 error" Opps something went wrong, try to refresh the page or contact our support. 


I've refreshed the page 20 times, now trying to get support involved but it appears that it is not in support anymore. 


Any ideas?, as this appears to be an Acronis problem.   


Thanks in advance

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Steve, welcome to these public User Forums.

The option you are looking at does not transfer any licenses between different PC's, it would only transfer the licenses to a different Acronis Account as indicated by the new email address you are using, so that new account needs to be created first!

To move your license to a new / different PC you just need to install ATI 2020 on that new PC then use the options that will be shown for solving activation issues.

See KB 62744: Acronis True Image 2020 (Windows): "You've exceeded the maximum number of activations for this serial number" - for moving your license to the new computer.

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Thanks for that, it wasnt particularly clear the transfer function, hence the confusion. 


I had already uninstalled and attempted to reinstall the software on the new doner machine, this just got stuck in a loop, saying that it had been activated too many times then the above confusion set in. All I wanted at that point was a WinPE boot disc and did it from the USB key.  The machine has subsequently being turned into an unRAID server now.   

Thanks again for the clarification of that transfer function.