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Uninstalling True Image - I can no longer make restore points or anything doing volume shadow copies

Thread needs solution
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I unstalled True Image 2016 - and when that crashed I used CleaupTool and said yes to first and second question(not the one for extended hdd or similar).

But after this there is no way I could get the system work as normal regarding anything using volumeshadowcopy things - and that is rather serious I think.

I've gone through a series of things suggested on internet
sfc /scannow
vssadmin list writers - and when failed three writers remain timeout and state [7].
Those are System Writer, MSSearch services writer and WMI writer -always timeout on those.
Only one provider the Microsoft shadow copy thingy of windows.
Volsnap fails event id 67 and the volumeshadowcopy too in event logs.

Seems something is forgotten to be restored that is of major importance to system.

So what can you suggest for me to uninstall properly so system is full working.

I did a test, and quickly installed True Image again - and in 10s I had a restore point.
So no doubt Acronis is to blame for this.

Thank you.

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Lars, I have never read of other reports of this type of issue where uninstalling ATI (any version) has broken VSS & System Protection.

I wonder if there is a clue when you said:  "I uninstalled True Image 2016 - and when that crashed I used CleaupTool"

Any crash can lead to strange behaviour, so it may be that your doing a reinstall of ATI 2016 will also have corrected any other problems here, to allow a further uninstall to work correctly?

I would recommend downloading the Acronis VSS Doctor tool to check that all is good with your VSS configuration. Link in my signature.


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Thank you for a speedy response.
Cleared with task zap - but nothing there anyway now.
I did as I did last time - uninstall in programs & features and no crash this time.
The cleanuptool - no reboot.
Checked registry and folders - but nothing to remove.
Rebooted - now it was ok.

Only difference now is that I had a restore point made while TI was installed - doing uninstall.
And ran once as trial only - before doing uninstall.
It asked for serial and stuff - but also old serial which was Seagate discwizard - so no clue if that had a serial - don't think so.
But since I was not to use it - all good.
So I'm happy again - and thank you for always supporting. You are a rock. :)

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Lars, always glad to help, thanks for the update.