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Universal Restore will not make WIM or ISO

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I have True Image 2021.  I can make a DVD of a bootable media no problem.  When I try to create a boot disk with drivers for universal restore, the program crashes before finishing with an error screen.  It DID create a WIM file of about 200 MB but I dont know if that is of any use or a valid WIM.  Tried creating just a ISO file but it failed without creating.  Using Windows 10 latest update.  Does anyone have an idea of what is the problem?  It looks like it is crashing when it is adding the very first INF in the list?

Here is the error:

Code: 1,572,895(0x0018001F)
LineInfo: 0xA0A7FA0A4449F5D0;

Module: universal_restore_media_builder_vs_40263
Message: Failed to create ISO image.

Code: 1,572,894(0x0018001E)
LineInfo: 0xA0A7FA0A4449F9BA;

Module: universal_restore_media_builder_vs_40263
Message: Failed to create WIM image.

Code: 1,572,890(0x0018001A)
LineInfo: 0xA0A7FA0A4449FBB5;

Module: universal_restore_media_builder_vs_40263
Message: Internal error.

Code: 1,572,891(0x0018001B)
LineInfo: 0xA0A7FA0A4449FBEA;

Module: universal_restore_media_builder_vs_40263
Message: Failed to add driver 'G:\w10 inf etc\INF\1394.inf'.

Code: 1,572,896(0x00180020)
LineInfo: 0xA0A7FA0A4449F68B;

Module: universal_restore_media_builder_vs_40263
Message: Failed to run '"C:\WINDOWS\system32\Dism.exe" /Add-Driver "/driver:G:\w10 inf etc\INF\1394.inf" "/image:C:\Users\LynC\AppData\Local\Temp\~MntWIM"'. Exit code: 50.

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Lyn, a couple of suggestions to offer here:

First, try to create the AUR media without including any additional device drivers at all.  Does this succeed or not?

Next, try adding any new device drivers for one device at a time and again test whether this succeeds or not?  If all is good, then repeat with a further device.

An alternative option is to use the MVP Custom PE Builder script which will include both ATI and AUR in the same rescue media so that you can boot once and then choose via the MVP desktop options.

Note: please do not try to add the whole contents of the Windows device driver folder!

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Thank you Steve!  I was able to create the AUR without drivers onto a DVD no problem.  And it boots just fine. That just hadn't occurred to this rookie! :)  And I didn't know you shouldn't add the entire Windows device driver folder, since I have no idea which driver I needed I figured I would get them all. I think I will give the migration a try with the AUR disk and a USB with the drivers folder on it.  I will check back on how it went in a few days.