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usb stick keep in bios boot

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Good morning, I did back up and restore with the acronis true image 2016, has the kingston stick in my bios kept me, how can I delete it now? and why he has kept it as an image while I have taken out the stick, he continues and still sees it as a device

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Not sure why you are still seeing the storage device after it was disconnected. I would think that the problem is with the BIOS/UEFI of the computer rather than a problem caused by ATI 2016. I assume that the settings are now set to boot from the internal drive (or if you using UEFI Windows Boot Manager).

When you did the backup/restore did you change the boot settings in the BIOS, or did you select the boot method on startup?

The only suggestion I have is resetting the BIOS/UEFI to default values, which hopefully will flush the problem.


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i select boot method on startup,  i do clear cmos again nothing, i dont know why this hapened  its first time

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Nik, try resetting your BIOS to default settings as suggested by Ian.  Clearing CMOS is not the same as resetting the BIOS as other settings are kept if the PC is still powered when the CMOS battery is removed or pins shorted.