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Why is it so slow and unweildy

Thread needs solution
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I just could not put up with another slow afternoon while it backed up the entire pc. So I stopped the backup. Every time I do that it totally screws up the whole thing, even when I restart it is really slow and buggy.

I only do the EntirePC once a week. But it is too problematic.

I am not even sure if it is of much help. I know when I try to retreive a single file from the Files Backup it takes for ever to get it. Literally 5 minutes for each level.

I also use Second Copy, as that is a normal and accessible prograom for files backup.

I do not add that much each week, so not sure why it takes so long and is so obvious every Wed afternoon.



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When an entire PC backup is made, each time the backup is run it either does a full backup or incremental/differential backup which only backs up disk sectors that have change, since the last backup for incremental backups and the last full backup for differential backups. To access the PC at a particular date ATI may need to be swapping between multiple files. This process becomes slower the larger the backup. For PCs with multiple drives, it is more efficient to have separate backup tasks for each drive. For example I have a daily backup of the SSD on which my OS is install, and the frequency for other drives depends on how often the content changes. For example, my photos and videos tend not to change often, so I only do manual backups, same for the disk where I save installation files for applications. My data disk is backed up each day.

You could also try scheduling the backup for a time when you are not using the PC, after hours.