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Won't overwrite old files on Acronis 2016

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Hello, I have a problem where the clone of my entire PC will not overwrite the older version. I have 2 other back up jobs which clone other files which are much smaller, and those overwrite as intended, but the larger file of the entire PC will not overwrite the previous version regardless of what my settings are.

I have tried all other things as suggested which I have found on other forms and still does not work. The following I have tried.

#1 Save the file to a different folder.

#2 If Single version scheme is not over writing, then pick Custom scheme, and select Store no more than 1 recent version.

#3 If Single version scheme is not over writing, then pick Custom scheme, and select "Delete versions older than 5 days"

Im not sure what else to try. Please see the attached screen shots for all the settings and messages I am getting. You will notice 2018 Payroll and Quickbooks files are overwriting but "Entire PC" file is not over writing.  You can see from the screen shot it is failing because there is not enough free space. There is not enough free space because old versions are not deleting. 

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Michael, welcome to these public User Forums.

The core issue here is that there is just not sufficient free space on your backup drive to hold a new backup of the size needed (>300GB).

You only have 138.4GB free space on your E: drive but your backup requires over 300GB as shown in your screen images.

You will either need to manually delete the oldest _b19_ .tib file, or else take the option to 'Clone settings' for this Entire PC task, then delete the original task and all its files from the ATI GUI, after which you can start the cloned task and have this either keep only one version, or else use a Single version chain.  The key point with either scheme is that ATI does not delete anything until a new full backup has been created, so your drive needs space for at least 2 x full backup image files.