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2017 PROMO-Box 1+1 - wie zweite Lizenz aktivieren? How to activate 2nd license of promotional package?

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Ich habe die Acronis True Image 2017 PROMO-Box 1+1 Computer erworben = 2 Lizenzen zum Preis von einer. Jedoch ist nur ein Lizenzschlüssel aufgeklebt. Wie kann ich die zweite Lizenz aktivieren?

My Acronics True Image 2017 promo-box 1+1 PC has only one licence key stuck on it. How can I activate the second license?

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Jens, welcome to these public User Forums.

You should be able to use the same serial / license key for both copies of ATI 2017 if your promotion was for 2 licenses.  This has been common practice for ATI for a long time.