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30 days test license disables ATI 2016

Thread needs solution
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Good marketing gag: I tried installing a 30 days test license of ATI 2017. It upgrades my existing 2016 installation, and than asks for a serial rather thank starting a 30 days test period. My old 2016 serial is invalid of course. Net effect: Uninstall completely, re-install ATI 2016, re-create all settings.

Not a good way to keep existing customers happy.

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Normally when you go for a trial version you should also be given a trial serial key to use with this, if you didn't then I would advise contacting Acronis Support who can sort this for you, unless you are intending to keep with 2016 now.

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There are no downgrade paths - I've never seen that as an option.  Before any major upgrades or changes, I would recommend that you 1) create a system restore point if you have Windows "system protection" enabled on your C: drive and 2) take a backup of your sytsem before a major software upgrade or change.  If you ever have an irreversible issue, then you restore your backup and it will be like nothing ever changed.

Steve's right though, you should have received a license key - check your product downloads.  If it's not there, just contact technical support and they would give it to you. As far as I remembrer, the 30 day trial begins the moment you register for it and not when it's installed - I can't remembrer though, but something to be aware of it that is accurate.