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Acronis 2017 Old Backup Still Trying To Run

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Our hard drive was going out so we cloned it and installed a new one.  Upon doing so the backup would not run.  I deleted the backup it was trying to run and created a new backup.  With the new backup I completed a manual backup with validation and email notification, everything went just fine. 

Now the old deleted backup that I have no access to keeps trying to run.  It tries at the same scheduled time as my new backup so I assume it is causing the new backup to fail.  I get 42 emails every night that the old backup has failed.  I have no access to the old backup as it is deleted from the backup page. 

How do I keep an old backup from running when I have no access to the backup schedule for it or anything else regarding the old backup? 

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Phil, download a copy of the Acronis Scheduler Manager tool and then run this standalone tool as Administrator, which will open up a black command type window.

Type the command task zap  in the window, then exit the tool.

Note: do not have the main ATI GUI open when doing the above.

The task zap command will remove all scheduled ATI tasks from the system, so if you have a new scheduled task, you will need to re-set the schedule again.

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Thanks Steve it did remove the scheduled task I could see so I would imagine it removed the old one also.  I will know for sure tonight when it tries at the scheduled time.

Thanks again!!