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Acronis creating directories

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Every time a startup Acronis True Image 2017 the program creates a directory for every old backup it can find on my hard drives, some 20 directories that I have to delete after I end the program. Is there a possibility to stop Acronis True Image creating these directories (that are nog used in any way)? This is very annoying because I have to investigate every directory to see if it is empty. Thanks.

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Rudi, welcome to these public User Forums.

This behaviour is most commonly caused by users deleting old backup files outside of ATI which leaves information behind in the internal database that ATI uses and triggers the folders to be recreated.

You could try running a validation for all of your backup tasks in the ATI GUI which will help reconcile the database information but may not fully clean up this issue.

The alternative method is to force a rebuild of the database files as described in KB 60915: Acronis True Image: repairing program settings