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Acronis don't keep settings for decremental backup anymore

Thread needs solution
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I have had a strange problem for a month now, which I noticed now because the destination disk of my backups has become full.

I hope to explain myself well because I am not a native English speaker :-)

I set the main system backup as a decremental backup and in the exclusions settings I set some folders that I manage with as many incremental backups separated by type and frequency. I have been using acronis true image since 2016 and it has always worked, but now that I received notification that the destination disk is full while investigating why, I realized that the main backup switched itself from decremental to incremental and has lost the backup chain settings, the backup chain deletion settings, the validation ones and the folder exclusion ones, so it saves a lot of data that it should not save because these folders are managed by other backups and doesn't make a backup as I want.

I reset the decremental backup, and the other settings like I needed, but after saving it if I close and reopen acronis and go into the main backup options I find it set again as incremental and also lost the above settings.

I deleted the backup job and created a new one with a different name (so I kept backup files but lost backup history into acronis), but even so, once saved and quitting acronis they are not kept.

I also tried to check the box "save as defaults" but nothing has changed. I also tried to save the backup model with a specific name but nothing has changed.

Do you have any suggestions for me, besides restoring the system backup from 40 days ago, when there wasn't the problem?  Thanks.


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Please see forum topic: True Image 2020 -Backup option settings loss - where the same issue has been reported by multiple different users with many versions of ATI.

Acronis have asked for users to submit Feedback including an Acronis System Report from affected computers.

See KB 57216: Acronis True Image: Send Feedback for help with the Feedback process.

If you turn off the Acronis Managed Mini Service in the Services.msc control panel and set this to Disabled start this will prevent your settings from being lost after correcting them.

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Many thanks Steve... I saw that I have much to read :-)

In the meanwhile after disable the acronis mini service as you said, settings are not lost.

Thanks again.