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Acronis True Image 2017 and Windows 10 New Insider Preview Builds

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Hi All,

Is anyone running Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 16199.1000 32-Bit or 64-Bit and can't upgrade to the latest Insider Preview Build 16215.1000?


I found success in upgrading to

After many failures at the 33% point and reading for days about some fixes,

I decided to give it one last try.:

I went to C:\windows SoftwareDistribution Downloads and deleted everything in that folder.

I then uninstalled Acronis True Image 2017 Premium from my current build.

I rebooted and went to Windows Update and redownloaded the update bits.

At the Windows needs to reboot prompt.  I chose reboot now.

16215 installed normally.   Something in the Acronis program caused the conflict.


Hope this works for you also.

Windows 10, Asus Motherboard 64 bit with full load of Office 365

and other programs.




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Dalegrant, thanks for sharing your experience as a Windows Insider - my hope is that Acronis are also testing their products, especially the premium one, with these new Windows 10 preview builds to pick up on issues before these builds get rolled out to the masses!

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Hi @ Steve Smith,

Sorry it was Dalegrant who posted in Microsoft's Answer Forum and I copied his post here, because I am a member of both forums.

The Signature Block is so faint that you didn't see my signature at the bottom.

I posted the link to the Answer forum where his post was originally posted.

I had upgraded 3 straight Windows Insider Builds, since Acronis Build 8053 without problems and for someone to say, that Acronis is causing my Upgrade problem, is stupid.

That's why I posted his post.


2017-06-18 - Acronis and Windows Builds.jpg




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Morton, thanks for the update / clarification of your post.  Sorry about the mix up with Dalegrant.  You are correct about the almost invisible signature font colour!  I am colour blind (red-green) and have already complained directly to Acronis about the font colours used in the new forum webpages as have many other people!

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I have also informed Acronis of difficulties I am having with contrast - another red-green colour blind user!

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The problem Dalegrant had was with Win 10 update, it has a history of becoming corrupt and or non functioning.  Clearing out the SoftwareDistribution folder is one way of getting Update working again.  There are several others as well.

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If your windows 10 update stuck then you must stop the Windows Update service by going to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Right click on Command Prompt -> Select “Run as Administrator” and type " net stop wuauserv " and after it delete the files in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistributionand . Make sure to delete all files in “DataStore” and “Download” folder. Now in last just start your Windows Update service again by running a command " net start wuauserv " . Once all done then just restart your computer and your problem related to Windows update will surely get fixed. Thank you