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Acronis True Image 2017 bugs - completely by itself in factory settings

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Acronis True Image 2017 Bugs

Even if the product is older, there is a bug in this version that simply switches off the backups that have been set up or ignores settings.

Example: I noticed that I haven't received any emails for a long time, so I looked at the settings and noticed that all settings for all backups were set to factory settings.

All backups:
Email settings window was completely empty
Incremental instead of full
Save only two backups, delete the rest was turned off

A hard disk is sometimes missing in the system, which is why an email appears almost every day that the backup could not be saved.
So I made a second backup on a second hard drive and left the first one anyway.
At some point there was no more email and that was noticeable.

Here it turned out that Acronis has reset all backups to factory settings.
But I don't think that the case above has anything to do with the fact that all backups are reset to the factory settings (factory setting means: as if I had just opened the setting for the first time without changing anything).

After I set it up again at great expense and selected two new hard drives where a maximum of two data sets should be stored, this setting is ignored.

I've had exactly this case before, I had to delete the backup, completely delete the backup settings myself and create them from scratch so that it works again.
I don't know what the exact cause is, the server is shut down every day and restarted in the morning, the backup is started at a time when it can run without any problems.

Optional problem, if the hard disk is no longer sufficient for a new backup, the oldest should still be deleted in order for the new backup to run.
Unfortunately there is only one error message, the problem is that there is no backup, because it is better to delete an older backup "before" and create a new one. Unfortunately this option does not exist.

This problem makes the program very insecure.
Such a thing must never happen, because it violates every rule of secure backup.

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This is an Acronis issue - see forum topic: True Image 2020 -Backup option settings loss