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Is Acronis True Image 2017 compatible with Windows10 v1903 or even v1909 (?)

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I'm still using Windows 10 Pro v1809 and ATI2017 is working fine. Will ATI2017 also work on Windows 10 Pro v1903 and even on v1909=2019H2? Or should I delay my upgrading from W10 v1809 to v1903 as long as possible?

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Eberhard, welcome to these public User Forums.

As far as I understand your ATI 2017 should work fine with Windows 10 Pro #1903 and I have not seen any users reporting any such issues in these forums that I can recall.

Support for Windows Insiders builds of Windows 10 is a different issue and something that Acronis do not support but which may or may not work, depending on what changes Microsoft decide to include in such builds.

See KB 60589: Acronis True Image: Windows Insider Program (beta) builds support - which only mentions the most recent ATI 2019 and 2018 versions, but which will apply to other versions too.  The key point here is that any current Insiders build is being introduced many years after your ATI 2017 was finalised with no further changes coming, so where there are any issues arising because of the Insiders build, there would be no change coming from Acronis to resolve those issues.