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Acronis True Image 2017 won't start up. It's gone rogue

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I recently migrated Acronis True Image 2017 to my new PC. I was able to do a couple of backups but now it has gone rogue. I can't get Acronis True Image 2017 to start up. I have tried since March 19th to do a new backup all of which have failed. I set it at night to do a full backup and shut down afterwards. I come in in the morning and it's offering to do a new backup. When I try to open the external HHD where the backup should be it just keeps trying to open the drive but can't. then today I finally realized that somehow Acronis had decided to do incremental backups on it's own which I see when shutting down. I didn't understand this at first. Now Acronis True Image 2017 won't startup for me so I can make changes to the settings. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you in advance. Frank

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Frank, welcome to these public User Forums.

I can only recommend doing a Repair Install using an Administrator account on your new PC to see if this will resolve this and the other issue for scheduling.

See KB 60915: Acronis True Image: repairing program settings - for details of how to do the repair install.

Note: you should also ensure that any installed security / antivirus applications do not interfere with the correct installation of ATI 2017.

See the following KB documents related to this aspect:

KB 36429: Acronis Software: exclude program folders and executables from antivirus and other security programs

KB 46430: Acronis Software: Making Acronis Products Compatible with Antivirus Software